During a visit with my team at Beyond the Classroom Foundation to one of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in Abuja to distribute food relief items and workbooks for children to learn during the lockdown, we met a lot of children who had no idea why we wore face masks and no information about COVID-19.

After teaching them about the virus, they were anxious about the pandemic and asked when schools would be opened and how they could help in the fight against the coronavirus.

I got concerned and a few weeks later, I wrote a children’s book about COVID-19 called “There Is A New Virus In Town” to teach children about coronavirus and encourage them to protect themselves and others. This book was translated into the Hausa language to enable those who cannot read to have access to the information through their parents.

As the project progressed, I saw yet another need to put together a sanihygiene pack for children to fight COVID-19 and other germs. I called it COVIBOX.  A pack of COVIBOX contains – The book – There Is A New Virus In Town book, a hand sanitizer, a bar of soap, alcohol swaps, reusable or disposal face masks, and a face shield.

The book “There is a New Virus in Town” has been distributed to over 15,000 children with over 5,000 COVIBOX distributed since 2020.

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